• Why Are We Different and Successful?

    Why Are We Different and Successful?
    As a family business, we look upon our customers more as friends, and someone who we sincerely try and help with their footwear requirements. Quite often, we find our customers are so pleased that they shake our hand with gratitude. You realise that's a job well done!   Clive Sowerby.
  • Value, Service, Price

    Value, Service, Price
    There is a question for you! But that would be my order of priority. Value for your hard-earned money first, second good and honest service based on years of our experience to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. And finally, if we have the first two right number three falls in to place! The famous last words, as they say, call...
  • Fred's In Sheds!!

    Fred's In Sheds!!
    ...Is possibly why our great British High Streets are struggling, the dreaded internet and web sites conducted from the kitchen with the garage as the warehouse! Equally, our business started near 100 years ago in a neighbours front room. My Uncle Will used their window as a display carrying out shoe repairs by the piano! In turn, he paid her rent, as her husband...
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