• Its Your Hard Earned Cash

    Its Your Hard Earned Cash
    When you order from us 95% of the time we do have those items instock, but occasionally we have genuinely just sold out from our shop shelves or there are delivery delays. For whatever reason I am acutely aware you have trusted us and paid your hard earned cash, so a sincere thank you, it must be our sort of customers for your kindness...
  • Change the record!

    Change the record!
    "Will you change the record"!! or so my wife tells me when selling the meny Imac shoes that we do in our shop. Waterproof and breathable, anatomic design for comfort, with the red dot on the heel for plantar fascittis (I looked the spelling up!)altogether one of the best shoes on the market for technical features and value for money. When you have worn...
  • Why Are We Different and Successful?

    Why Are We Different and Successful?
    As a family business, we look upon our customers more as friends, and someone who we sincerely try and help with their footwear requirements. Quite often, we find our customers are so pleased that they shake our hand with gratitude. You realise that's a job well done!   Clive Sowerby.
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